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First Posting Ever.

May 29, 2011

Recently I was asked to read through the diary of a very dear friend of mine that had killed himself, to find something to read out at his funeral. It was a really hard thing to do. He was a man of great intelligence and spirit, and his poems were beautiful. His sentiments very special.

I stood in front of a crowd of hundreds, many whom I had never met, his mother, housemates, partner, friends, many people that adored and loved him deeply, mainly because he adored and loved them so much.

I read a poem he had written about love, love of all, nature, life, each person, mother nature it was exquisite, a beautiful prayer, it was so hard to read, words got caught in my throat, but I pushed through, when I finished I stood looking in horror at the faces of those who had gathered to celebrate his life, out of love. And then the horror really struck home, I returned to my seat, in shock and sadness. The experience etched into me forever.

One of the many sentiments expressed through the diary, was his sense of gratefulness for having been convinced to begin dairying by a friend.

In the sense of that sentiment Ive decided to make a foray into blogging, I have absolutely no idea how it works, but over time Ill share my musings,  and cool stuff I find online, with the electronic ethers, and perhaps one day enrich your electronic experience



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