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Aboriginal Australia, (the real mutant message from down under)

November 30, 2011

Respects to the ancestral spirits, elders and law keepers, the traditional custodians of this land.

Through life I have become the experience of numerous ‘spiritual’ events, some related to Aboriginal Australia.

Parallel and woven in and through the loom of this world, or perhaps it is the other way around, there is a second more subtle world. It is ecological in nature, a vast ecosystem of life, far more subtle and energetic and consciously responsive than the material universe is to the normal states of consciousness. It breathes and lives through life, through the crystalline stardust that has become life, the plants, rocks, sand, animals, and humans. It is what people of the world refer to as the spiritual world. And within that world, the events of this world have a vast significance. While the powers of that world hold vast power in ours.

The events of our lives, our motions, movements, thoughts, feelings and states of awareness, dna and actions, pattern the fragments of stardust, creating holographic interference patterns that store patterns of consciousness in the earth, as we simultaneously receive them. As a Holographic universe, in which time and space are relative to the observer, there is no movement, only holomovement.

Growing up in Australia, a theoretically Christian nation, though realistically dominated by a secular atheistic western capitalist media, education system and cultural dialogue, I believe my specific introduction to the nature of the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia, was that “they possessed a primitive culture”.

A valid assessment, if you consider our culture the yardstick of sophistication and cultural evolution, however not so valid, if your metaphysical assumptions about physical reality are somewhat different, based on different values. In a likewise manner the Aboriginal Australians who first contacted White Settlers in their land, considered them to be somewhat barbaric, unconscious and uncivilized.

It would be as foolish to consider the Aboriginal Peoples of any country to be “spiritually enlightened noble savages”, just as it would be to consider the denizens of the so called first world nations to be so, indeed the many of the indigenous traditions revered by the plethora today of modern “spiritual westerners” dissatisfied with their cultural heritage, often in reality stemmed from brutal lives lead within cultural contexts that would shock western sensitivities and call into question any of their so called spiritual insights or merits. Across many nations of the Americas, Asia, and Africa, slavery, cannibalism, incessant warfare, mass human sacrifice, rape and incest were often common practice.

To speak on behalf of Aboriginal Australia is likewise a misnomer, as prior to settlement several hundred languages existed in Australia, each group living with integrated but diverse spiritual responsibilities and heritages.

What we can say with complete assurance is that the Aboriginal Nations of Australia represent, by far, the oldest continuing cultures in the planet, with oral histories that are demonstrably geologically and ecologically accurate over periods of time that dwarf the ancientness of the worlds oldest traditions,  ancient civilisations all of which crumbled to dust in this time, and even the inhabitation of some continents.

The significance of this is Akin to finding a man from Egypt who can accurately describe to you events that took place many tens of thousands of years before the pyramids were built and from then to the present day. This phenomenon of high culture is one of the greatest living heritages of humanity.

The nations of Australia lived in a manner that, when compared to the rest of the planet, demonstrated sustainable peaceful, harmonious and sustainable co and ecological existence. The result of advanced systems of law, culture, knowledge, tradition and a sophisticated understandings of the natural environment.

And, over the vast eons of its continued evolution these nations came to understand(if they didn’t already know) a thing or two about spirituality. Some of which, some men and women are willing to share today, if the world can learn to listen, or learn to understand its value and power.

This, like all of life and spirituality, is not something you can learn from a book, it requires your heart and it requires your respect, and it requires reconnecting with the natural world, with the living growing material that is life, and earth, glowing patterns of the stuff of the universe, the geometrically interacting energy fields and spins that crystalized inside the death of successive generations of stars to create the so called particles that our physical world is apparently constructed from.

My experiences of Aboriginal Australian spirituality  have been varied, but the one that calls me to share it is as follows.

Some years ago on a warm summer evening I was camping with friends outside a small town on the edge of the outback, many hundreds of kilometres from the city, feeling uncomfortable in the car, I left it and  I walked a few steps away from where we were to enjoy the night air, an overwhelming power overtook me, rippling through my body, mind and heart like electricity, and looking around, I realised that although very dark, I could see several hundred meters around me, into the pitch black of the distant bush, the plants and trees that were so solid during the day, were constructed of ecstatically burning transparent crystalline blue light, transparent, glowing and radiant like fire, and from this place, a group of Aboriginal Men stood before me, and spoke.

They communicated not in English, but telepathically, a holism of awareness, emotion and being-ness. In only seconds my mind was opened to vast and integrated understandings, perceiving the power, culture, spirituality, and personal feelings they were an wished to share. While not angry with my presence, in terms of the ancient laws, they were angry and deeply wounded.

They were angry about what had happened to country, to life itself, about what was happening to country, the bush, the plants, orchids, for the land is sacred, every tree, every rock. To strip it bare and replace it all with crops and concrete destroys more than we can ever discover with rational eyes. For in clearing the forests, we are clearing a community, not just trees. And this community, is not just a physical community, when we destroy a rock, or an old tree, or a place, we lose forever something we can never replace. Both the individual complexity of the tapestry of life itself, and of the interwoven other world that inhabits that place.

The Elders were angry, they were angry about what had happened and was happening to their descendents, for the land and the people and the ancestors are one.

And in this nation, as in the world, the people have experienced tremendous suffering, emotionally, spiritually, physically and psychologically, both self inflicted and by the invading forces that have destroyed the land, and attempted to destroy the culture.

The power of this experience was unlike any spiritual experience I had ever had before, while it was not so emotionally enrapturing as mystical states, it was as if my body had been physically transported into the other world. It was not as if I was the one being visited, it was as if I was the visitor. The power of the experience was scary. It was not at all like a visionary experience, it was instead as if I physically entered another dimension, and the so called physical world was left behind. Appearing as a superimposed image upon the field of ancestral and ultimate consciousness.

While this kind of experience may sound a little outside the experience of many people or even the schema many would use to categorise reality, I assure you, that it was an extremely real and extremely powerful experience. And not one that is Alien to Aboriginal Australia, nor of course to this world.

Since that particular awakening, I have through experiencing culture, begun to understand, although beyond articulation, the profound significance of the difference that exists between men and women in keeping and upholding the ancient law, for although I did not see any women, I was able to have a telepathic understanding of them.

Men have given unto them the responsibility for truth, for fighting for what is right, for stating what is right, for upholding and living the law. This is a sacred duty that they must fulfil. Men are only men when they get angry about injustice and defend what is right in the physical world.

Women have responsibility for wisdom, for healing, for the emotional, spiritual and psychological healing of the people and the land. This is their sacred task, that they are called to live.

Between these two actions, healing can and will come to our planet and to this land I call home.

If we truly care for the health of our planet and for the health of our race, spiritually and physically, and indeed for all the spectacular life that we hold within our care, we must live this, we must take responsibility, not in any airy fairy way, not in our own lives, but in that of our community. For there is no they, only we.

The western world that has united the world again, moving like a fire across its surface, of earth, air and water, and each and every human being that is a part of that, and that is ready to evolve beyond the way of being that we now all share destroying our world, must stop living for themselves as the western path has taught us, and start living for the higher intelligence in our hearts, that instead directs us to fight for justice, care and healing for all life.

It is physical actions, in community and in country, for the highest good of all, that result in our own nurturing and awakening, and these actions, not spiritual ones for ourselves, are the only way to bring about the changes that our world needs now. This way of life is the essence of the spiritual path.

In the western view, life has become a means to an end, and thus dealing with the spiritual world is about fear, power, personal gain, personal improvement. Self absorption and laziness, hedonism and identity.

In reality dealing with the spiritual world is the same as dealing with any other being, it is not about our imaginary self we create through our interpretation of our experience, but instead about coming from the heart with the intelligence we share, and is most truly about respect, acknowledgement and caring with wisdom and with love.

We do not have to seek to be a part of the other world, for it is not always appropriate for us to be so, yet to acknowledge that we live our life within it, and to remain connected to our roots in the fabric of this earth, is important for any true definition of health. The world of the ancestral spirits, of the conscious subtle worlds, is one of many worlds we are born within, and, just as we respect our mothers and fathers, so too should we respect our visible and invisible companions and all those who live within and care most deeply for the mother, earth we all call home.

As children and family, distant of close, we must all when called to do so, speak for and care for the country we hold dear, for what is right, and for each other. This is the way of the heart, wisdom.




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