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True Religion.

November 30, 2011

As someone who I slowly realised that I love with the depths of my soul, was fond of saying, Religion is from the Latin, to bind, but what is being bound? And what is religion really? Speakers of Latin might disagree saying it is instead from the Latin “re-ligare”, to reconnect.

Perhaps to truly understand religion we need to explore its central statements, its art and beauty, as well as its obvious stupidities and horrors, after all when we look at the world, there is only one, there is no us vs. them, we are one family of life, there is no they, only us, and our journey through the ages, stars shifting across the skies. Religion is no more than a culture, expressing this journey, for some it may bind, for some it may liberates, but essentially it is no more than that, signposts to meaning, that became culture and influenced the destiny of billions.

To look upon religion with maturity, and not just disdain, to see it in all its glory and stupidity, all its wonder and brilliance as well as its anguish and ignorance, is to acknowledge our own human inheritance, to honour and respect the hearts and lives of billions of our human brothers and sisters and to open our minds and hearts to unexpected genius and magic, after all, reality, god, all, is one.

Religion may be the story of oppression, of disconnection, and of unspeakable horrors, but it is also the story of saints who disappeared into the air rather than die, of bodies that have not decayed for many hundreds of years and of pilgrims who turned into light before their companions eyes. It is the story of the darkest and the brightest lights of human history, and in  turn of herstory, that of earth.

It is the story of the poetry of love, written by wanderers that moved the destiny of nations, and melted the hearts of warriors, it is the story of the search for the divine throughout the centuries that keeps the contemplation of divinity in the consciousness of billions, and of the ancient teachings of love and surrender that elevate the spiritual values, like; selflessness, charity, compassion, love, forgiveness, passion, wisdom, and truth, in the dialogues and thoughts of cultures and of men.

Our history is often written as one of war, of disease, of destruction, of inhumanity, of devastation and of suffering, and truly it is, it is all that could possibly be in the twisted insanities of the human mind, the most appalling torturous inhumane devastation has been wrought on billions and billions of lives, from the fields where soil was made mud by blood, and the raped and mutilated, the enslaved and tortured, the genocides, insanity and suicidal extinction of life and species, driving before the capricious whim of the human system with all its conflicted insanity and satanic manifestations, but in all the incomprehensible horror, we often forget to acknowledge that far more importantly it is also a story of the most heroic love, the most beautiful moments of silence, the quietest of human beauty, of orchids growing in the rocks, of eagles and dolphin, of birds and plants, of the love of mothers and fathers for each other and for children, of the romance of this infinite ocean of silence lost above in our galactic plane, shifting stars watching civilizations disappear into the dust of their vanity, while new life, from the cradle of the love we are and live, is born fresh.

It is the story above all of the heart, of love making, of caring, of kindness, of wisdom, of passion, of joy, of intelligence, of the soul. And this is the true power in the world. This is the true intelligence, and that dichotomy, with all its insanity and all its genius, all its power, and all its ecstasy.

Throughout the ages many have awoken to this, through this, from the dreams of the mind, its thoughts and reflections, and into a passion and a fire that burned brighter than a billion suns, that illuminated reality from within, that penetrated to the heart of the minds eye and awakened the soul into the consciousnesses of its infinite past and infinite future, from this ecstasy and from the deep compassion of love, of the unconditional bliss that spiritual wakefulness is, in response to this world, this world the ultimate lsd trip, with its infinite spiritual worlds, its endless dramas, its profound beyond profound pathways and pools of glowing crystallised star dust manifest through geometry into the tapestry of life and of the soul, as one.

And these beings, they wrote poetry, they made art, they said things that were beautiful, did things that were beautiful, and came to remind others, love all, and that it was only a dream, that they could awaken from, they told others, that if you wait, and if you love enough and care enough you can stop the mind, and see the truth, and it is bigger and more satisfying and more beautiful and more important than any path you will ever walk down, any truth you will ever find, and practice you will ever take up, any life you will ever live, for this moment just as it is in all its magnificence and beauty, this is the purpose of all of existence, and you are that. And all of it, is happening right now.

And humanity, dreaming humanity, in mans quiet way, his emotional way, her beautiful way, her hidden way, they listened. and in listening began to hear the voice of the soul, crying out, if ever they had forgotten, saying do not be afraid, for there is a great god shaped whole in your heart, you cannot fill it with the world or the things of the world, but it is only the world and nothing else that will ever fill it, for things are not as they appear to be, nor are they any different.

Deeper than the deep, greater than the great, smaller than the small, creation is hidden in the hearts of all creatures, within and beyond the mind, if it chooses stillness. This is the kingdom of god.

These lives and this love, became the wisdom teachings of humanity, beautiful stories and passions, directions for our minds and hearts towards the divine source of creation within and around us, wisdom told us we were nothing, love told us we were everything, and together, between these two all life flows.

This was the binding that religion is meant to be, the binding of wisdom with love.

For love without wisdom can destroy, and wisdom without love is no wisdom at all.

But the life of humanity is never that simple, or else where would the Maya, the illusion the Lila, the dance of consciousness of god as all of reality, every speck of your body, truly be?

Life force and mind are operating, tempting all who witness to believe that it is they who act, that they are the mind, the life force. In fact no such thing is happening, while this combination has come upon our original essence, we are not that.

This confusion, this confusion between the absolute and absolutely profound free will enjoyed by the original essence, and the absolute and undeniable lack of free will, that is the nature or existence, is the ground in which this religion, this binding grows.

As such every culture, every belief, every lifestyle, every tribe, is a cult and is a religion, be it the religions of old, or of science, or of spirituality, or of now.

As the story goes, many eons ago god sent man into the world, but so that he would not forget where he came from god left a little door so he could come and go at will.

At first man just peeked through the door, safe with god, and then he saw pretty things and stepped through the door to explore.

To begin with he would go home often, then journey back through the door again to explore the world that had been created.

Eventually he began to spend most of his time there, absorbed in shiny things, in ideas, in the growing sense of self that was generated by understanding so many different things. But from time to time he would still pop back through the door, and remember that understandings, well were understandings and were not reality.

At last the things in the world became so important to this growing sense of self, and its development, that he spent longer and longer away, until one day amongst the women and men of the world, the door became just a story, an artefact that men and women would gather to look at, and to remember the time that was, before so many things were understood.

Eventually through understanding so many things and having such a developed sense of self and doing so many things the world itself started to have problems, it became very confused, and started to fragment into lonely little parts that conflicted with each others desires, understandings and directions. This caused all manner of problems.

At last some of the wisest amongst them, faced with these problems, remembered the ancient stories, the stories of the door and of what lay on the other side. And so gathered humanity before the door, each person ready and eager to pass through, but after so long, with all the understandings they had gathered, none knew how anymore.

Some said that to pass through they must first heal them-selves, and began to look within and without for remedies for their understandings and sense of self. Some said that certain rituals or foods were the key, or shiny rocks that made them feel high, or more earthed, and performed long elaborate rites designed to open the door, taking turns in shifts.

Others sang songs, performed offerings, did good works, took entheogens, made love to one another, and explored all manner of groovy and soulful lifestyles and paths, some said that it was all within anyway and started wearing weird clothes and fancy hairstyles. Thinking lovely thoughts and chasing lovely dreams. Living lovely lives, having lovely spiritual awakenings, even glimpses through the door sometimes, and having lovely children. Some went a bit whacky though and took a bit too far and started eating each other or sacrificing each other on top of big pyramids in the rainforests or mountains.

Occasionally some figured it out, and when no one was looking would pop through, while it was hard to convince the others to come along, as everyone was really a bit scared of what was on the other side, from time to time close friends would be convinced, and were often never seen again.

And some thought that this was all very silly this hippy nonsense, and took to killing the beings that they thought did not take the door seriously enough, stringing up the ones that thought that entheogens were a good idea especially, and burning them.

Eventually a great number of people got bored, and sat around waiting, or went back to their living in the world and only visited the door occasionally, some decided it was not yet time and left the door well alone to gather together in distant places to accumulate ancient texts and study them to try and find a logical explanation for the problem of the door.

Yet others, realising that the door was becoming an obsession for many decided to claim they knew the method of its opening and began to attract people away from the door and towards their vision of what they should be doing in the world and what kind of sense of self everyone should have.

After a long while people started to believe they were being duped, some of the ideas these people had didn’t make much sense and weren’t very nice, even the old stories didn’t connect very well with what was really going on, they decided that in fact the door was just a made up story and ran off to play with more stuff, or to come up with more functional ideas of what to do and how to be, and fall further and further into fragmentation.

All in all, everyone had either a really good time and grew old and happy and wise and spiritual or a really bad time and got a bit sad and weird and twisted, depending on how they chose to see and live their process of getting through the door.

Finally years later, a young child was playing near the door with his father and mother, seeing some strangely dressed people wandering around reading books, sipping potions, singing lovely songs, and contorting their bodies into strange shapes, she asked her parents what was going on, they explained the story of the door, the child in some bemusement walked up and turned the handle, the door swung open, and there was silence.

As the great sage, Ramana Maharishi said; “You take up this or that spiritual practice to transcend the non-­existent limitations. But if your spiritual practice itself assumes the existence of the limitations, how can it help you to transcend them?



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