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The Older Brother, the Labyrinth, and the Esoteric Secrets of the Ages.

December 3, 2011

Ten years ago, sitting on my bed, upstairs in a small room in an old 17th  century vicarage in Cardiff, Wales. I begun as an adult, to explore the esoteric world of crystals. I had been given my first large quartz crystal at around the age of six, and loved it very much, carrying it around with me and sleeping with in my hands at night for several years.

A lifetime later, living in Cardiff, I had sleeping with me in my tiny room, not much larger than my bed, a “world class collection” of  extremely unusual crystal formations, rare and exotic, unique pieces that I have not seen the like of which anywhere before or since, it was an amazing time for me, exploring flowers, crystals, and ancient medicinal and esoteric traditions. I woke, worked and slept drifting between states of higher consciousness and intense visionary states, living in a world of rarefied energy fields and deep sensitivity to the subtle world. Having grown up surrounded by nature, it was all that kept me sane, trapped in the concrete, electrically overwhelming jungle of a modern city. While leaving the city, or walking in parks at every opportunity, to walk the forests, visit ancient sacred sites, stone circles and hilltops, rivers and dales, and sloping hills of oak forest, rich with the decaying humus, bluebells and wild deer. initiated into the experience of the states and extra-dimensional beings of higher consciousness at night. However as Patanjali said,

“When invited by invisible beings one should be neither flattered nor satisfied, for there is yet a possibility of ignorance rising up.”

I may have been dwelling and entering into states of significantly higher consciousness and perception, but this too is of the world, its subtlety, regardless of how our culture may see it, does not make it any less nor more than mundane.

When dealing directly with the perception of the world of subtle energy, with the alteration into higher states, its embedded intelligence, its awakening power and knowledge of the higher and deeper worlds that form the history and herstory of our world, it is easy to fall into the trap of egoism, to believe that this new perception of reality, is the I that the ego has been looking for, that these experiences, states of consciousness, spiritual gifts and perceptions, are more real, more central to reality. It is easy to become identified with the glowing luminous light that surrounds and interpenetrates our bodies, holding our consciousness and interfacing it with the super-luminal reality and the world of perception, instead of realising that this too is only the manifestation of consciousness itself. It is changeable, and so not it. It may hold the story of our soul, but our soul is not a story.

Crystals are fascinating, revered by all spiritual traditions of mankind since antiquity, from the amethyst rings of bishops, the breastplate of the ancient keepers of the ark, to crystals embedded in the flesh trans-generationally of the wise ones of Australia, and the stones set amougst the crowns of pharaohs and kings. But like reality itself, there is so much more to them than altered states, feelings of wellbeing and frequencies of electromagnetic energy. To the consciousness that is able to perceive, is willing to look directly instead of assuming limitation or distracting itself with stories and theories, there is so much more within this dimension of consciousness than vague fields of light, theories of grounded fields, time-space interaction, destiny and cellular functioning.

To explore the world of crystals and their interactions with human awareness adequately is not something I’m willing to attempt in a blog, it would take the discipline and work of several PhD studies, there is a veritable plethora of physics, chemistry, theoretical physics, and biology, and to enter into it in a short blog would be no more than the spouting of poetic pseudoscience, akin to new age claims that all is energy. Very real, at one level of understanding, but very useless to discuss without a conceptual context based in a scientifically coherent theory of consciousness and reality.

One day humanity will be able to discuss this maturely, but until then its all new-age tripe, speculation, or at the best poetic descriptions of life experience. And is it not said, that in a world where distinctions of subject and object disappear, poetry is the purest language.

My personal experiences however, are another matter. One of the interesting experience I’ve had I will relate. One night, sitting with a new crystal that had come into my life, or perhaps I into it, after all time and space are relative, what is it that really moves? Instead of travelling with it internally or clairvoyantly, I began to look more physically closely at the Auric field surrounding my body and that of the crystal, the room was filled with the luminous condensed energy plasma-(for want of a better (purely) descriptive word) of my concentration, ancient patterns of luminous consciousness embedding themselves into the moment.

To deal with this world, the world of the spiritual, the body has built into it certain biological and neurological reflexes that allow the perception of the numinous more truly, one important one is that reflex, when you focus not on the vagaries but rather the specifics of an Auric field, and your eyes enter a physical muscular vibration, allowing them to defocus from their attention on the physical and refocus on the subtle. Really it is not as if anything is ever hidden, it is that people do not physically look.

The aura around the tip of the crystal in particular was specific and clear, in slightly less than a millimeter variations of vivid bands of colour that radiated from the tip down the crystal perhaps two centimeters along its edges in seven layers concrete layers. Where the edges came together to form the tip a beam of energy, akin to all crystals, emerged, it cut through the energetic plasma like a laser, along this laser letters in a script of writing I did not recognise were moving, down the beam away from the crystal, I experimented with pointing this crystal at various other objects, other stones mainly. Where the beam struck them a spiralling pattern began to emerge, starting at about five millimeters wide, and ending at roughly three centimeters, this spiralling vortex, for want of a better word continued to spin until it resolved itself into an image of a labyrinth.

(There is an image in the Mahabharata, that appears to depict this process of transformation half way completed, the Padmavyuha.)

In actual fact, this exact labyrinth (see above), an interesting image to perceive considering the one above is a distinctively European rendition, perhaps a copy of an earlier in-situ design some 4500 years old, and that the crystal itself was dug from the sand in Brazil. In reality though, this image, is found in many ancient civilizations of the world, it is a part of the primordial tradition, not that constructed by man.

I explored this for sometime, going deeper and deeper into the absorption of my attention on this phenomenon, until my tongue started to roll back into my throat in spontaneous Khecarī Mudrā, at the time I was unfamiliar with this spiritually significant biological response, or spiritual practice, despite its meditative roots forming the basis of my most profound realisations, so despite the spiritual intensity of the experience I was having and the states of awakened awareness that were wanting to be realised, decided to leave it there, rather than surrender.

Despite my prevention of this awakening, this image stayed with me for many years, I wanted to understand what it meant, In the perhaps fragmented western traditions the labyrinth represents two things, firstly the path of life according to destiny, in western traditions it is believed that each individual has free will, but also a path that is set before them by divine decree and that at moments of heightened awareness, we may sometimes perceive our feet upon the path. When it appears in your life, it is a sign to pay attention for your destiny is unfolding and you must leap without fear into the states and experiences that you are offfered, and so live wisely.

We have no choice but to walk this path, and see it best when it is physically manifest before our eyes upon the earth, but due to our free will it is also possible to stray from it, to miss important life lessons, important opportunities for growth. Life is a pilgrimage we must walk, but our walking is not always sacred, and not always on the path we may have wished for at birth. So often our growth is stunted by our own fears. The labyrinth reminds us of this destiny, of the sacredness of life, and of the personal choices we make as humans. It is as Rumi said

“It is as if a king had sent you to a country to carry out one special, specific task.  You go to the country and you perform a hundred other tasks, but if you have not performed the task you were sent for, it is as if you have done nothing at all.  So people have come into the world for particular tasks, and that is our purpose.  If we don’t perform it, we will have done nothing.”

The labyrinth is an inner and outer journey into and from the centre of life. For all life is a mirror in which the soul meets its own face, or avoids it.

The second is that the labyrinth, symbolically represents the journey into the other world and the return – a death of one state and rebirth into another.

In the ancient Hopi traditions, the labyrinth represents the home of the creator of reality, known as the older brother, it is he who set in place the spiritual codes we must live by in life, or to say it another way, our original nature, the image of the divine. This labyrinth is the floor plan to his house, the map of life, and when you reach the centre, you get the chance to look back over your life from a higher perception, seeing things as they truely were and not as they were imagined to be, before travelling on, into the next world.

He made this labyrinth, this life, so so that when people went to look for him, they would get confused and could not find him and turn back, rather than press on.

The great esoteric secret of the ages is that of the labyrinth.




  1. Just watched the movie Labyrinth for the first time and thought it was very deep, spiritual and all about perception. Googled “Labyrinth and perception” right after and found your blog. Although not directly related to the film it was an awesome post! The end bit reminds me exactly of the film. Which leads me to believe the writers of the film knew all about the labyrinth you speak of. Just getting into crystals now, and your post makes me want to more so. Thanks for the post!

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