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“The Rainbow Body Phenomenon” with Father Francis Tiso

December 10, 2011

(Sixteenth Karmapa, the first reincarnate lama in tibetan buddhist tradition.)


Throughout the ages many mystics, primarily born from religious contexts, have displayed a variety of extraordinary physical phenomenon accompanying death, phenomenon commonly associated in tradition with great sanctity, sacredness and saintliness. Developments in awareness, often not openly displayed during life. One of these phenomenon, is known colloquially as the rainbow body, the dematerialization of the body upon death.

These phenomenon are a remainder that the true potential of human consciousness, of human life, and of sacred living, is calling.

Fr Francis Tsio, a highly qualified Theologian, Priest and Academic delivered this lecture in 2002, discussing his then ongoing research into this phenomenon.

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“The Rainbow Body Phenomenon” with Father Francis Tiso | IONS Library | Institute of Noetic Sciences.



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