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The Synthetic World. Our Boxes and our Poisons.

December 10, 2011

If we look around us today, with honesty, it is apparent that the pinnacle of the yard stick we measure as our success, our human civilization, is little more than an artificial world constructed by thought, of boxes and poisons. While it keeps us alive, in the absolute sense, the sense of reality beyond the creation of humanity, in many ways it acts to keep us from life. The burning fire within every cell, every particle, the agni.

As the dawn of a new era of globalisation through technology dawns, and ancient traditions and cultures and ecologies fall away under the weight of the behemoth of industrialisation, population, consumerism and materialism that we have created, human civilization increasingly draws closer to the generic, and through that funnel, new avenues of diversity.

Here in the ‘first-world’, we drive around in our little boxes, burning the fossilised bodies of algae within chambers of steel, to carry hundreds if not thousands of substances, chemicals, plastics, minerals, liquids and glass onwards, we drive on square roads, directed by square signs, held aloft on rectangular posts, between boxes that house yet more boxes with which we interact. Traversing quickly over the earth we no longer touch, are touched by, recognise or relate with.

We sleep at night in little boxes, on little soft boxes, separated by rectangular doors, and sit down at our little rectangles in the morning to peel of our rectangular slices of baked wheat, and pour streams of dead baked grains impregnated with preservatives and sugar into (for once) little round bowls, that we buy in boxes.

These boxes we sleep in, if we are lucky enough to have one, the storage space of each man each woman, are conceptually ‘set in stone’ with square letters on square bits of paper stored in boxes that we use to create the communal mental boxes that allow us to partition the earth, to feel separate, powerful, and as if we own it, and not it us.

Increasingly in the world of the computer shaped boxes, we spend many hours staring at our square screen, running our eyes over lines of increasingly cubical script, boxing and re-boxing our mental processes through the cognition our vocabulary and dialogue offers, and watching as we box the world into them vs us, this vs that.

We leave our little box and travel to another little box where we purchase with our little square card or paper different little boxes full of things that were once living and natural, processed beyond recognition. And each day, for most of us, we travel to a box where we spend our lives manipulating some part of the physical world we have ripped from the earth,  some human world our institutions tell us to shape, or some intellectual world, we have created from time.

Back home at night again, we sleep, secure in our little box, separate and protected from the stars. In going home we put on the blinkers, turn on the box and no longer see at night our real home.

Our boxed world is one of poisons, each of us, even those living in the amazon basin, carry the equivalent of half a pound of dissolved plastics in their body. We put poisons in the water we wash with, which are absorbed through the skin, we spray poisons on the food we eat, on the plants in our garden, we wash our clothes with poisons, we rub our teeth with poisons, clean our skin with poisons, the water we drink is full of poisons, we wash the things we eat off with poisons, we spray poisons that we think smell nice on our houses, rooms, bodies, forgetting that when we smell it, it has entered the bloodstream, and thus the brain.

Long ago we poisoned the air, earth and water, with atoms created in reactors, chemicals made in laboratories, and poisons dug from the earth. Poisons that accumulate in the fish, the animals and the soil. Poisons that persist.

We add poisons to the food we process and heat, freeze and transport, we add poisons to the materials we process to make clothing, we add poisons to our children’s body and blood, we clean our classrooms with poisons, the institution where the state takes away our children, we package our food with poisons and our drink with poisons that leak poisons, we carpet our houses with poisons and print poisons on paper taken from ancient trees processed with poisons.

Each single truckload of  things sold to assuage our desires, takes maybe sixteen truckloads of poisons to produce, and while these are thrown away, somewhere we don’t see, ultimately there is no away.

Years ago our demand for oil would have outstripped our production, if it were not for the tar sands of Canada, need I say more.

And to make all this, these poisons and boxes, we clearfell vast amounts of life every day, perhaps 16 million plus hectares a year, of an ever dwindling family we think of as a resource.

We carefully process these poisons and the thousands of substances we rip from the earth and using slaves form them into complex patterns that allow us to transmit signals and information between boxes. Allowing us to distort and in a sense poison the electromagnetic environment we exist within, and not just the chemical.

Our houses are wired with lights that cause stress level release of cortisol and adch in our brains, carrying mercury into our homes, our electricity transmission causes field generation that effect our biology and our mobile phones and computers profoundly effect and entrain our state of consciousness interacting directly with the brain and body. And, secure in our own delusions of enlightenment, a generation of humanity have lost touch with the natural world, in search of the answers to their desires within the electronic. A world of thought, and artificial fields of energy that interfere with the brain and body.  A world of addictive distractions and shallow expanded community, lost in reality to humanity through the conceptual and physical boxes of the physical society we live within.

We have found the height of human sophistication our paradigm can create, but lost sight of the stars at night, we have made our lives comfortable, but lost contact with the earth. We have found endless distractions, but not met mortality. We have practices to improve ourselves, new ways to experience the world, but we have not found time to help each other, we have nice places to sleep and interesting things to learn, but we no longer walk barefoot on the earth and sleep under the stars.

The paradigm of boxes and poisons is a powerful one, it has allowed us to expand our population to seven billion, to concentrate this growth in centers of concrete, steel, boxes and poisons, it has allowed us to extend the period of time a body can live for, it has allowed us to develop sophisticated egos and interconnected ideas of life. It has allowed us to share and commune with people in many nations. But the yardstick by which we measure its effects on our life and our planet come from the same paradigm, one that wishs to see its own continuity.

A small dose of neurotoxins, like that we spray on crops, will not cause measurable damage. A small dose of radiation from our phone, will not generally have a persistent measurable effect, but cumulatively, over time, and in this moment the pound of poisons we carry, the complex soup of fields we live in, and the boxing of our minds and hearts by conditioning, inescapably profoundly affects the function and integrity of our organism and our experience of awareness and life.

And, not only through interference with a theoretical vacuum optimum functioning state. But rather entrainment to another.

Even when we change the codes of physical life in laboratories, and alter the fields that help mediate consciousness with phones and computers, human creation cannot not reach the sophistication of that which already existed, nor its mathematics. For while the body is already life,  the journey our mind has taken into technology comes at the price of our lived experience of reality, out there, and of the vast multitude species that have become extinct and ecosystems that have disappeared , and which are dying as we speak, at the rate of five or more species an hour, ten thousand times the average, this a high price to pay. We profess our love for the earth, but sit by.

Without a spiritual understanding of the interconnectedness of living things, of consciousness and the complex mathematical relationships found in the forms and electrical and electromagnetic properties of the natural world, of the spiritual, physical and psychological importance of the connection we share with life, ecosystems and the earth. It is hard to understand any argument against this paradigm. To the mind occupied with the human life, many things are more interesting, many paradigms more important. Life, the conscious sentient dust congealed from the vast explosions trailing across interstellar space,  our family of the crystalline geometrically condensed light that lives and breathes light, is simply not interesting enough to a mind obsessed with becoming more.

We have begun to understand as a civilization through our sciences, the conceptual realms of psychology, biology, spiritual experience, physics, chemistry and sociology, but despite what they teach us, we forget how intimately connected and fragile our bodies are, and how easily alterable the cellular functioning and states of consciousness are. If our thoughts and those of people around us can easily change our functioning and experience of awareness, how susceptible are we to the cumulative effects of our poisons and boxes, fields and programs? How potentially important is the natural world and our physical connection to it for the growth of our spirit, functional awareness and organism.

This may sound a little hippie, but regardless of the delicacy and intelligence with which the body responds to life, its capacity to adapt and survive in so many conditions does not mean that holding an I-phone to your head, is supporting its optimum conditions, and it does not mean that the intellectual and psychological fulfillment we find on the internet, or through the world of boxes and poisons and the states the force us to assume, are any substitute for, or will even help us live as the internet that consciousness already is.

Several years ago I sat in a theatre and listened to the world-renowned Primatologist and environmentalist Jane Goodall talk about life, about her decisions and her experiences and about the vast ecological and human crisis facing the planet, the mother of all of us. The story she told about her work with chimpanzees began in her childhood dreams, and ended with her living alone in the forests of Africa for long period of time. During this time,  alone in the forest, her personality, its rigidity and barriers began to fall away, lost in the silence. Through the forest and the lack of poisons and boxes, she began to experience classical mystical states of awareness. With the awakening of this bliss within, she gave up the forest, in order to come back and talk to people around the planet about what she had learned about life, and our need to act now, or rather then, to protect it.

after all,

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”

—Norman Cousins




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  1. Susan permalink

    Please don’t ever stop writing….and I really do want to give you the direct email for Daniel Kirkland. He is the one putting together the online journal and looking for contributors. You are writing beautifully….straight from your heart. And, I want the world to read what you have to say. Daniel’s organization will be working on projects in many places….going to India now and working to put programs in place to help women and children involved in sex trade….so this is a BIG plan….that can truly help save the world. Sending you much love…and energy through the crystal mandala straight to you.

  2. David permalink

    Fantastic. you are a visionary. Consider my eyes wide open

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