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Sacred Geometry, The Secret Language.

December 17, 2011

Sacred geometry is very beautiful and very powerful.

A quick google search will reveal an overwhelming variety of articles, blogs and websites discussing sacred geometry, from the most groovy hippified pseudo-spirituality, to the most mundane religious commentary and mythopoeic understandings, to advanced mathematicians of the cosmos, biology and life and the integral translations of the profound extensive and truly ancient scriptural commentary that these designs accumulate and stem from. However, while much of the worlds heritage of Sacred Geometry is known to the public, it’s called the secret language for a reason.

This geometry, is found implicitly in the construction of all great ancient spiritual buildings, religious or otherwise, and is the language of life, time, and of the perfection that transcends it.

As a brief commentary, mathematics,, geometry, probability and ratio are the language through which the fundamental nature of reality is communicated as the gestalt of inherent perfection, evolution and harmony. It transcends perception, belief and mental identification, the purity of the transcendent and immanent infinite manifest in form. Understanding this and its relationships to consciousness and life takes wisdom, experience and thoughtful, sensitive exploration, there is a tremendous depth to every well-known tradition and form of sacred geometry, and it is better to learn by discovery, practice, and personal experience in consciousness, than have me state. These things are kept secret for a reason, to not be profaned.

Any road, far be it from me to discuss something we are all better off experiencing and learning for ourselves. There are tomes and tomes written on every detail of the interlinking -(actual reality at each quantum of sophistication through scale-symmetry fractal relations) nature of practically every representation of sacred geometry. If you want to go deep, knock yourself out, in the meantime, here’s a little something I prepared earlier. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And only a fraction of communication, is in words or is rationally understood.

As Nobel laureate P Anderson stated; “it is only slightly overstating the case to say that physics is the study of symmetry”

Now, this may be a little boring at the start, but work your way through, I assure you it gets more interesting. Just remember, although two-dimensional representations, these depictions refer the three-dimensional world and its other more subtle dimensions. Now, Lets get old school. 😉

The Circle Forms the Basis of all Sacred Geometry. But, the term, sacred geometry implies that even if it is only circles we are looking at, there is more going on than just circles…

The vast majority of sacred art, sacred music, sacred architecture, sacred geometry and indeed all of life itself contains within it the mathematical ratio or progression known as Phi, the golden ratio. We perceive this as beauty and experience it as love. It is the spiral of the growth and unfolding of life.


 This set of interlinking circles, is an ancient symbol, found associated with spiritual contexts in many civilizations and continents, is a relative newcomer archaeologically, the oldest known conclusively dated example is believed to date from roughly 570BC, perhaps however,  it is much older. Called by modern new-age explorers of sacred Geometry, ‘the flower of life’, it is believed to contain within it the geometric relationships from which many other forms of sacred geometrical representation spring.

For example, the ‘seed of life’, a basic form displays the construction of the “flower”

The Kabbalistic(mystical Judaic), “tree of life”,  a design used to describe the cosmology of certain schools Mystical Jewish Belief, the creation of the Universe and Humanity, and The Path of return to the divine. The design represents the manner in which Sefirot-(manifestations of the divine understood through psychological forms) manifest both light and vessels from the Ohr Ein Sof, light of the infinite source. How old is the Kabbalah? good question.

And finally,  Metatron’s Cube, Metatron is Believed in Judao-Christian apocryphal texts to be an Angelic Being second only to the Creator in the spiritual hierarchy, the highest of Angles and the Divine Scribe. textually Metatron’s cube was derived from the ‘tree of life’, and is in effect knowledge that mankind was excluded from  possessing, due to the ‘fall’.

In the more physical sense, Metatron’s cube depicts a wide variety of mathematical structures and relationships, including the five Platonic solids, basic three-dimensional geometric solids, the geometry of which is fundamental to modern science’s description of many small-scale interactions of energy, subatomic and atomic particles.

 The six fold symmetry and sacred geometry associated with these shapes, are possibly best known to much of the global public through the current flag of the state known as Israel, an ancient design known biblically as ‘King Solomons Seal’, in effect a two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional shape known as the Star Tetrahedron, along with the esoteric schools of thought related to it.

The star tetrahedron is interesting for a number of reasons, not least because when rotated in space, it becomes apparent that it demonstates both the symetry of the six pointed star, as well as that of the square. A very interesting thing to understand when all the myths and stories about various sacred geometries are considered.

The basic design of ‘king Solomons seal’, is also known in India, where it is used instead to represent the spiritual-energetic heart centre, known as the Anahata chakra.

The Sanskrit word, Anahata means unstruck, or unbeaten, for example Anahata Nad means unstruck sound, the sound of the celestial realm. The Anahata Chakra is a subject for many books in and of itself. And its probably my favourite subject.

In a more European bent, one famous example of Sacred Geometry and Ratio in the history of western mysticism and art, is the famous image known as the Vitruvian Man, a picture drawn by hand by Polymath Genius Leonardo DaVinci. The Vitruvian man “squares the circle” a profound mathematical feat. Keep that in mind for later…

“The outstretched arms and legs of a man form a square and a circle: the square symbolizes the solid physical world and the circle the spiritual and eternal. Man bridges the gap between these two worlds.” -Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘The Magical Proportions of Man’

One of the most Famous and Ancient examples of sacred geometrical art, the Sri Yantra, is believed to have come from India many many thousands of years ago, Sri Yantra represents the meeting point between the unmanifest world and the manifest, known to Hindu thought as the Goddess, its interlocking triangles represent the union of the divine feminine and the divine masculine principles. As such the Sri yantra is a Map of our Universe, Consciousness and the deeper reality beyond form and time.

A famous example of Sacred art from Tibetan Buddhist thought is found in the Kalachakra Mandala, literally translated this Tibetan term means “the wheel of time”. In Kalachakra philosophy the inner, outer; cosmic, biological, spiritual and psychological worlds are one, and are considered to reflect, synchronise and correspond to one another. Kalachakra is literally Time, and, the interwoven cycles of the universe, from the movements of planets and plants, to the breathing of the human body and the movements of subtle energy, other beings in other worlds, and the awakening of meditative absorbtion and bliss.

Through understanding these processes and states, both inner and outer, and the potential for practice of specific and related yogas of meditative and spiritual practice, the Kalachakra Tantra aims to help in the realisation of conjoined nature of temporality and atemporality, to bring about spiritual awakening and the realisation of enlightenment in human form.



Now, more to the point, Enjoy 🙂

Thought I might add some music,  and as were on the esoteric bent…


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