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June 21, 2012


life is beautiful, and all life dies.

we are life, we are alive, we will die.

our bodies will become less than the memory of dust.

it will be as if they never were.


life is beautiful, a limited number of heartbeats

a limited number of days, of moments, of feelings

in the end, thoughts, words and events, only once, never again

we get one chance, no more.


we are born watching our family die, grandparents, parents, elders

we live while our generation ages, lovers, wives, husbands, siblings, friends

we never see our children’s’ lives, our grandchildren, our friends

we live and die for love, all of us seeking happiness, fulfillment, peace.


we live while billions starve, we eat while wars rage, we sleep as forests burn

rivers of blood, oceans of suffering, beyond comprehension

billions of tortured corpses, families destroyed, ecologies lost, generation after generation,


poisoned earth, acid oceans, raped earth, drained rivers, dead seas.


life is the jewel beyond comprehension, a flower of infinite beauty, a moment that holds eternity.

tapestries of crystallised star-dust, melting space, ecstatic bliss made physical as light incarnate

into which our bodies will return to dust, in only so many breaths. and from which we are born anew each second


earth, the garden of our ancestors, blood, bone, rot and decay, mushrooms recycling mineral and holding rain, light drawing clouds into matter

our culture is the pile of their bodies, broken by love, tortured by history, exalted by life, consciousness woven into words

for us to live, billions have died, life requires wholeheartedness

life, our creator, calls to us,

live as if you will never die, love as if you will die tomorrow

cultivate your spirit, heart and mind




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